Happy Birthday to the Great One

The Great One with the Durand Boys This is one of A.J. & Jon Jon’s 3 Great-grandfathers.  These boys do not realize how blessed they are to have a total of 5 Grandfathers.  Today is Pawpaw Durand’s 73rd birthday.  We here at the Durand Family blog would like to leave a little birthday tribute to the Great One. 

Evidences of God’s Great Grace in the Great One’s Life

1.  The Great One’s love for Jesus reveals God’s grace.  I don’t know the facts of my grandfather’s conversion, but I do know the fruits of it.  If you ask Pawpaw, you will find out he is opinionated.  As long as I can remember, his opinion about Jesus has never wavered.  Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the Living God! 

Mawmaw & A.J. 1.  The Great One’s love for Jean Marie reveals God’s grace.  Pawpaw & Mawmaw have modeled for all the kids and grand-kids a faithful Christian marriage.  The model that Christian husbands are to embrace is the model that Christ gave to his church.  Paul says, “Love your wives as Christ loved the church.”  I thank God that I have been blessed by the faithfulness Pawpaw and Mawmaw display in their marriage.  Is Pawpaw perfect?  Ask Mawmaw!  Could all the Durand/Cranford men learn something by watching how he talks and treats his “little bird”?  Absolutely.

2.  The Great One’s love for his children reveals God’s great grace.  Pawpaw loves us enough to tell us the truth about Christ.  Today, as a result of God’s love and a father’s faithfulness, children, grandchildren, and perhaps countless generations of Durands will walk in the light of the Lord.        

3. The Great One’s love for Christ’s Church reveals God’s great grace.   Christ laid down his life for the church, why don’t we serve in one?  I am grateful for a grandfather who has served in the local church for most of his life.  May his tribe increase, as they decrease (Jn. 3:30).

4.  The Great One’s love for Gospel music reveals God’s grace.  Yall know when we get to heaven there will not be any Medieval Latin Chanting, nor High Church Music.  In fact, I think the LORDSMEN will be opening for the Cathedrals.  Doesn’t the old hymn go, “Redeemed how I love to proclaim It, Redeemed by the Blood of the Lamb!”  If God saves us from Hell, we can at least sing about Heaven!  Thank you for modeling this to us Pawpaw.

Paw Paw & Jon Jon  5.  The Great One’s love for the truth reveals God’s grace.  At the spry old age of 73 Pawpaw is still eager to learn God’s truth.  Now sometimes he and I might not see I to I on every point of doctrine, but I admire his desire to know God and His word.  In this way he reminds me of a grumpy old pirate who is still seeking buried treasure (Prov. 2:4).

Pawpaw on behalf of the Durand family in Roxboro, We love you and wish you a very Happy Birthday!


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  1. Sure appreciate those kind words. If anyone sees anything good in me; To God Be The Glory! Just a Sinner saved by Grace.


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