Viva Las Vegas: We arrived Safely


Las Vegas Strip
Las Vegas Strip










We arrived in Las Vegas yesterday around 6pm.  Our flights, for the most part, were uneventful.  We have been able to share the gospel with people on the plane.  Nancy was able to assist an elderly lady in the airport yesterday, and Don was able to help a lady here who was having some car trouble. 

Thanks to Kevin’s help, we found our hotel.  We also enjoyed a good supper at Chili’s.  Some of the Casinos located on the strip our visible from the hotel parking lot. 

Remember to pray for us today.  We will be taking part in Evangelism projects at the elementary school across the street from North Las Vegas Baptist Church.  Then tonight we will be passing out tracts and sharing the gospel.  We miss you all.


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  1. Posted by citygates on October 27, 2008 at 10:52 am

    Given that today is ten days since the update y’all are probably back in NC by now. If you have time at all, do write an update (with lots of pictures) about how it went! Love y’all!


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