8 Blessings in 08: Thanksgiving Joys!!!

1.  Our parents.  Bets & I can not thank our parents enough for their example, support, and love.  On their shoulders we do indeed stand.121  We have had the joy of visiting with them on vacation and at the boys’ birthdays.






2.  We are thankful for boyz night.  When mommy has her cooking shows the super heroes come out.  Super-A.J., Super-JON JON, and Bat-Buddy use their super power to save the play room from RED Robin.








03813.  We give thanks for our new neice, Maddy Strider.  Yes, she does have her daddy’s brown eyes but she has her mother’s face I think.  Maddy, Molly, A.J. & Jon JOn are blessings from the LORD.
4.  We are thankful that we had time this year to getaway for some much needed r&r.  The greatest joy outside of walking with Jesus is walking through life with Bets.  Hard to believe Honey we celebrate 6 years of Wedding bliss this January.093
3_large_prayer_for_denning3405.  We are thankful that Uncle Brandon and Aunt Laura have moved to North Carolina.  We can not wait for the C-130 Stork to drop off Little Anna Kay any day now!!! The boys love Uncle B and aunt Laura.  Jon Jon notes that Uncle Brandon’s work clothes look just like some of his big boy underwear!
0286.  We are thankful for how we have seen the LORD answer prayers at home and at church.  This year in the church has been good.  We have seen God answer very specific prayers.  In many ways we feel like we are just hitting our stride in our first church.  Our church formed two mission partnerships with churches in Las Vegas and Ethiopia.    God is so good!
7.   We are thankful for the love our church family shows us year around.  This comes to us during the summer months in the form of fruits and vegtables.  Our flock didn’t know that home grown vegetables are the Durand’s Love Language.   Can you ever have any to many home ground tomatoes?
8.  Finally, we are thankful for the trials we have faced.  For we know that the good and the “bad” have come to us from the loving hand of God.  We thank God that through Christ nothing can separate us from His love.  This we are eternally grateful.  May you and yours have a happy Thanksgiving!

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