Father’s Day Weekend

2 Fish out of water

2 Fish out of water

This weekend has been fast and furious.  I enjoyed spending the morning outside at “the pool”.  As you can see, everyone was lounging around even Jesse.  After naps, we all loaded up and met up with my parents and sister’s family in Burlington.  We had dinner at Olive Garden.  I had to chuckle because due to Uncle Toby’s baseball game, there were 5 adults and 5 children , the oldest having just turned 5!  As you might imagine, picture taking was limited while we were all together.  However, Bets did take a great picture of the boyz with their cousin Molly.


Happy Father's Day Pawpaw

Happy Father's Day Pawpaw


After  a good nights sleep, it was off to church.  We had a great time gathering with our church family.  For lunch Betsy spared no expense.  She cooked  a Brisket, Green Chili Rice, Herb Tomatoes, and Green beans.  In the afternoon the boys gave  me their gifts.  They made me a t-shirt that would make any Dad proud hands down!  Mom and Dad Sibley sent some “happies” along with some new play clothes.  Jon Jon insisted that I put on my new basketball clothes right away so I could be like him.  Quite a Weekend!!!

100_2860Yummy Chillin like a villianA picture worth 1000 words






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