The Lordsmen II???

Pawpaw, Dad, Aunt Jan, & Uncle Rick

Pawpaw, Dad, Aunt Jan, & Uncle Rick

Seemingly many moons ago, back in the 1970’s a singing group came on the scene, no not the Jackson 5, but the Lordsmen.  My grandfather thought it wise to enlist the singing services of his college age twin boys.  Thus the Lordsmen were born.  No longer touring, Southern gospel enthusiasts await the next great family sound to emerge (fitting word for Durands).  Rumor has it that one such group might make quite a splash.  Could this young trio of boys surpass the legacy of the original???  Stay Tuned…






A.J. sang base, Jesse sang tenor, and Jon Jon joined right in there!

A.J. sang base, Jesse sang tenor, and Jon Jon joined right in there!


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  1. Posted by Mom Durand on July 10, 2009 at 11:41 am

    Mom & I looked at this story, very cute. Can’t wait 2 get these boyz in MawMaw Camp next week. It will B interesting to C if music is a part of her activiites planned 4 the week. Let them know there cousin Molly wanted to know if they knew they were coming for “MawMaw Camp”!


  2. Thanks for posting this picture of the Lordsmen. I remember them very well, hearing them sing many times at Gate City Baptist Church, before Rick got married and, then, as a newlywed. I am amazed at how much Bob now looks like his dad did back then.
    Your boys look like they have a good start on their music career, after all, it does run in their veins. Hope all of you are doing well. Give the family our love.


  3. Personally I am insulted that I was not mentioned AT ALL, but hey, I am used to that!
    I look forward to that next ” Durand QUARTET” being the next Oak Ridge Boys. OH YEA


    • Posted by benbets on August 3, 2010 at 8:55 pm

      I would have given you props had their been a little alto in my quiver. In fact, we might have even named her after you:) Hope all is well


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