Coupons for baby formula

Yes, it’s the mama writing this time to all our readers who are moms or know moms using baby formula.  As many of you know, we have needed to feed all three of our sons on baby formula and all three have done fantastic on the Parent’s Choice (Walmart) formula. It is sooooo much less expensive than the other brands and exactly the same as the name brands.  A large can is $12.88 versus the $23 Enfamil.  To make this deal even sweeter, I just found the following information on coupons to help slash the price even more!   Pass on to your friends and family as well!   

Call PMB Nutritionals at 800-272-5095 to request your $3 coupon. You can request this every thirty days.  It may take up to six weeks to receive your coupons, but you can still call every 30 days to request more coupons.  They rely on word-of-mouth recommendations as they do not advertize so as to keep the costs low.


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