August Highlights

On August 6th Bets and I welcomed Joshua Benjamin into the world.  Since that time, as you might imagine, life has been a bit hectic.  Nevertheless, I have broken away from trucks and trains for a moment to post some pics and pen some prose.   August 10 we welcomed Bets’ parents (Papa & Mimi) and Grandmommy to North Carolina.    Papa and Grandmommy spent a few days with us  before flying back to Dallas.  Mimi stayed on for a few extra days.  She was a real God-send.  As you know, when a new baby arrives, a boy in our case, he demands lots of attention.  Thus, the transition for the rest of the household can be challenging.  However, thanks to Papa and Mimi our transition has been much smoother. 


Mimi's monkey bread

Papa & Mimi gave the other boys some much-needed attention.  The boys 

Aunt LIz & Joshua

 enjoyed reading books, playing on the floor, watching nature shows, making monkey bread,  and going to the library.  In addition to Mimi’s daycare she also found time to cook for us.  One of the highlights of the week was eating Mimi’s Brisket, with Green chili rice, and vinegar green beans.  In the evenings Mimi ministered to Joshua for us.  She rocked him, feed him, burped him, changed him, prayed for him, and sympathized with him.  This was all in a days work!          

 One weekend,  Uncle Toby, Aunt Liz, Molly, and Maddie visited us.  They treated us to Domino’s Pizza.  We enjoyed seeing each other. We (the adults) tried to visit, but with six children in the house conversations were short but sweet.  Monday, Liz called  to tell us that the Strider’s are expecting their third child.  We are thrilled and know that Molly and Maddie will make great big sisters.    


A.J. & Uncle Brandon catching up

Another highlight last month was our family’s trip to Ft. Bragg.  We cruised down to celebrate Uncle Brandon’s return.  Brandon has come home from a tour of duty in Central Asia.  He serves in the U.S. Army as a Chaplain.  While serving, Brandon was awarded the Bronze Star for valor.  We are so proud of Uncle Brandon not only for his bravery exhibited on the battlefield, but also because he is a good soldier of Jesus Christ.  We pray that the next few weeks will be a good time for him to unwind and regroup. 

Well, I could say more.  However there is a very excited little 19-month old who can’t believe that he has his dad all to himself this weekend.  We thank God for baby Joshua.  We can’t believe that he is four weeks old.  Our family and church have helped tremendously!  We are so blessed. 





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