Speak Up

I talk too much.  I talk too much in meetings.  My sermons are often too long.   I talk to much to my kids.  Son, do this!  Boy, do that.  Watching home movies, like listening to yourself teach, is a humbling experience.  In the background I can her   hear myself “parenting” my children to death,ugh!!!  Heavenly Father, help me.

In my Bible reading recently, I was thinking about occasions in which  God’s word would urge us to speak up.  Here are some instances that immediately came to mind.

  1. When someone justifies themselves at God’s expense (Job 32).
  2. When we have not confessed present sin(Psalm 32:3-5).
  3. When someone asks about the hope that they see in our lives (1 Peter 3:15).
  4. When we are sick and need of prayer (James 5:14).
  5. When we wake up to begin a new day (Heb. 3:13).
  6. When false teaching/teacher is  a little too close for comfort (Jude 3).

This is just a start, are there other instances in which we should speak up?


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